Ibu Oka Babi Guling @ Ubud

It’s been awhile, it takes me so long to get a real comfy place sitting down to work on my site and only realised I couldn’t count how much of food photos I have been keeping over the months. People around seemed making themselves busy here in the internet cafe, well-dressed lady staring 40 degrees down at laptop, bosses gathering around seemed to a serious meeting but group laughing in every 10 minutes, the boy beside quietly reading magazines occasionally read out loud as if nobody is around him. So do I, I’m here celebrating with my Tummy Calmer and Hot Mocha Decaf, give it a try for being present and hoping can finish the post before my next stop.

“The moon seems fuller in foreign lands”, that saves my time in filtering the priority among all the good food categories. What has surprised me is that my first stop to the island filled with beautiful beaches and mountains did not lasts in my memory after several months, nothing much remained in my mind but the pork. Even though Islam is one of the officially recognised religion, I am certain that pork consumption is not forbidden here in Indonesia, pork eater is never alone.

I have been told about “Babi Guling” when some kind friends recommended me some must-go places in Bali however paying little attention to it because of my resistance to the wonderful beaches specially provided in this particular Island.

It is the irresistible smell from 3 meters away from the stall, I now recalled. When I first stepping off from the blue bird cab (cab that charging in meter based,usually for tourists), it smells so good and I imagined the welcome piggie on the signboard waving: “you never come to bali otherwise give this a try.”

We ordered one set each from the menu, it makes the order so much easier as the given photo were clearly printed with captions and english translation specially prepared for foreigners who don’t read Thai.

Main choices are Special( meats with rice), Pisah (Meats served separated with rice), Daging (meats only), Kulit( Pork skin).

A Special costs Rp. 30,000 which is about RM 9.50.

Daging only costs Rp.40,000, RM 12.60

A Soup Babi costs Rp. 7,000, only RM 2.20.

I am amazed by both the appearance and the tastes, the fillets were served trimmed off fats, if it helps, the closest description would be Bacon. With no pepper or extra cooking sprays, the origin taste of the pork tastes so sweet.

Also explore the provided drinks except the No-no for Happy Soda (Soda Gembira), the only drink with interesting name.

Apart from the Babi Guling, I also learnt something interesting during the trip, Balinese has very special naming structure, they called the first child in the family Wayan, then followed by Made, Nyoman and the last named Ketut. This cycle is repeating from Wayan again when the fifth child is born in the same family, so very often we can see Restaurant Made, Ketut Art Gallery or Nyoman Clinic etc. along the streets in Bali.

P/S: If you feel like knowing more about Bali, can get yourself - a beautiful memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert, one third of the content covered her trip to this beautiful island, enjoy reading.

Address: Warung Babi Guling, Ibu Oka, Jalan Suweta/Tegal Sari No. 2, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

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